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Welcome to the Birthplace of the Teddy bear

The beautiful town Giengen an der Brenz is situated on the Swabian Alb, halfway between Munich and Stuttgart, embedded between fertile arable land, lush meadows, extensive woods and the juniper heaths, typical for the Alb.

Giengen is more widely known as the home of Margarete Steiff and as the birthplace of the teddy bear. In 2005 the Steiff Museum was opened for the 125th anniversary of the Margarete Steiff GmbH. It is an experience for the whole family and tells the story of the Steiff teddy bears and the company on three levels – fascinating for young and old.

The “Birthplace of the Teddybear” does not only invite you to an expedition through the Steiff Museum. Giengen is also a town with an interesting historical past, and the narrow streets of the old town with its shops, cafés, restaurants and the towns 14th century church are well worth a visit. Only a stones throw from the Steiff Museum you can explore all the places of interest on your own or with a guided tour and you are accompanied by coloured teddy bear figures on your way.
Way to the town from the Steiff Museum
In the near district parts of Giengen you can go through a journey in time. The old mill in Burgberg takes you back to the middle ages and in Hürben you can go back even further in time. The “Cave Experience World” with the “Charlottenhöhle” offers you fascinating discovery tours through the earth’s history, the iceage and the stoneage. The “Charlottenhöhle” is one of the longest and one of the most beautiful dripstone caves in southern Germany.

If you are interested in more – the area around Giengen an der Brenz is a walking- and cycling paradise. Also there are many attractions nearby. For detailed information or any questions to your stay in Giengen and the area please contact our Tourist Information.