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The Adventure Cave World –
Understanding and experiencing the underground

The Adventure Cave World in Giengen-Hürben offers visitors a fascinating experience of nature. Here you can discover the beginnings of art and culture, and also have a spectacular glimpse into the history of the earth. The Multimedia Cave World connects information and recreation. Interesting exhibitions, theme paths and an adventure Playground around the stalactite cave make the visit a pleasure.
Inside Charlotte's CaveCharlottenhöhle (Charlotte’s Cave)   is one of the most famous show caves in the region. At 587 metres it is one of the longest accessible caves in Southern Germany. The variety of dripstone formations make it to one of the most beautiful. The cave was discovered in 1893 and named after Queen Charlotte of Württemberg. It was formed about two and a half to three million years ago by a great underground river. Later the cave dried out. Animal bones from the Ice-age (Pleistocene / 1.8 Million up to 11500 years ago) were found in the interior. Guided Tours are available in English language.
Inside Charlotte's Cave
The information Center Cave House gives details of the local nature and culture. There are exhibits and replicas of Ice-Age animals, but also the beginning of human culture are set to captivate. Visitors can inform themselves in the Cave House about further tourist attractions in the surrounding area.

The recreation area offers families with children a wide choice of activities. Cave passages to be investigated, hills to be climbed, and huts and walls to be explored. There is also a water playground by the river Hürbe. A site for campers / motor homes has recently been completed.

Aquarium in the exhibitionA further highlight is the “Multi-Media-Show” “Fascination Cave-Man-Nature. Visitors can proceed on an exhibition over 450 square metres. Modern exhibition technology enables an entertaining transfer of knowledge.

Opening times:

Charlotte's Cave
April to October from
09.00 to 11.30 am and
01.30 to0 4.30 pm.
Sundays / holidays from
09.00 am to 04.30 pm